Aimsport Triton 3 AR 5.7 MM 1/2X28 SILENCER

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All Triton silencers share our unique SHOOTING UNLIMITED feature, enabling you to use the silencer intensively, for long periods without fear of damage from overheating.

Triton No. 3 – Small caliber Front-mounted silencer designed for small-caliber rifles between 5.7mm (.222) and 6.7mm (.260). Also in caliber 9mm (9×19 / 357 Magnum) for carbines/Rifles using pistol ammunition.

With its small diameter and low weight, you will hardly notice this silencer when mounted on your rifle. Triton No. 3 is optimized for .223 caliber but is also very effective on cals .243 and 6XC.

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Calibers: 5.7 and 6.7mm. And kaliber 9mm (9×19 / 357 Magnum).

Threads: ½’’x20 UNF, ½’’x28 UNEF, 13×1, 14×1, 15×1, 5/8×18, 5/8×24, 16×1, 17×1, 18×1

Length:   148 mm

Addition to barrel: 133 mm

Diameter:   42 mm

Max barrel diameter:  No limit.

Weight:   250 g

Material: Aluminum and stainless steel.

Noise reduction: 24 – 26dB

Warranty: 5 year
Made in Sweden

Additional:  Changing thread is easy, just replace the stainless steel barrel nut.