Western Rivers Game Stalker Predator Call

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  • 1GB storage capacity
  • Advanced 250 yard long range remote control, with liquid crystal green back light display
  • Extensive 300 pre-loaded game calls
  • Dual Hi-output horn speakers boost volume for peak performance
  • Select-a-speaker for remote changing speakers from left to right
  • Large key pads for ease of use in field with gloves
  • Insta-scan sound selection for fast scan of calls
  • Remote control uplink port/cable for sync of system (USB cable included)

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The Game Stalker Pro is one of the most advanced MP3 game callers in the industry. Western Rivers’ experience in modern electronics and expertise in predator hunting gives them the advantage of incorporating latest technology in digital game calling to bring sounds to life. The addition of the Insta-scan, a sound feature that allows the user to recall ten sounds at a time and view five sounds on the LCD screen, is taking predator hunting to a new level allowing instant access to the appropriate call when communicating with the predator.

The Game Stalker Pro allows the hunter to set up the perfect scenario with the use of the new advanced remote control that has more sensitivity at longer ranges. Both the caller and the remote have large 128 x 64 high resolution illuminated LCD’s for lowlight conditions. The ‘select-a-speaker’ design offers the option of playing the caller with one or both speakers at the same time to create natural sounds in the wilderness. The Game Stalker Pro also includes the Deceptor Rabbit Decoy. Designed to operate 8-10 hours remotely, the rabbit decoy can be positioned high on a stake for tall grass or fill the base container with water or sand and place directly on the ground.